Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy at Last

I promised myself that I would blog next time I'm happy so that I can stop being called the "most depressing blog out there" Thanks for sharing everyone. So why I am happy today. Well I found out that I get to stay at my current program. I was originally set to leave after this year and go to another place but I really didn't want to . My family is established here, I have friends and I love the ER here. My new program was fine with me staying and my current program wanted me to stay so everything seemed fine. But then the NRMP stepped in and said that we didn't have the right to change our minds. So, long story short there has been a fight for the last three months to be allowed to stay. And now I finally can
Then I found out I got nominated for best new medical blog fo r2006. I feel very honored. So thank you so much to everyone who cares. You make me happy.